4th of July in the #Childerness

i hadn't had anything planned for the 4th of july except to be on the east coast, but that wasn't the case. i was (and still am) in california and had no clue where or what festivities may arise. i called my buddy and fellow man of the road, kyle schwartz to see where he was and see if he wanted to meet up somewhere for a surf a couple days prior. he told me he was headed up to truckee to a buddy's place in the woods and encouraged me to head up for the 4th. 

kyle is one of the nicest and most humble people you could ever meet so i had no doubt that it would be an enjoyable time. we met up in truckee and got some supplies for the BBQ before heading out. i followed him up to his friends property in the woods and was immediately blown away by the mini skateboard and good-time wonderland that is the "childerness." it was a cornucopia of good vibes, good food and amazingly friendly people created by tim and hannah eddy.

this amazing couple were so welcoming and radical.  the two are currently biking their way across the US for their brain baby DoRadical. a mission to showcase individuals and organizations around the country doing rad stuff for the planet and/or those around them. definitely worth checking their project out. 

thank you to everyone there who was so welcoming, kyle for being the amazing human that you are and tim and hannah for being such kind and generous hosts and sharing with all of us! safe travels to all!