The Journey

the journey begins.. 


after growing up on the island of maui, I have spent the past 8 years living and working on the Island of oahu. this life has offered much for me in the ways of, amazing friends,  unexpected daily adventures and soul shaking supernatural experiences. 

 i am embarking on what I hope to be a life changing journey. leaving behind my job, belongings, friends and own sweet dog in search of stimulation, interesting acquaintances, new experiences and great photos.  i don't know what I will find, where i'll find myself or who i will meet; but with open eyes and an open mind i know that an entire world of possibilities is waiting for me around each bend. 

i intend on traveling north america and beyond by truck, visiting national parks, unmarked beauty pockets, large music festivals, small dive bars, art shows and flea markets, fashion shows, street fairs and everything in between. capturing the nation through the eyes of a youthful modern land pirate.

along the way i will be collaborating with friends, acquaintances and colleagues in the pursuit of creative and artistic progression within myself and those around me. hoping to create a personalized artistic interpretation of the world's beauty and destruction through my perspective. 

follow to see where the road leads.