San Fransisco


after missing my original flight from Hawaii and arriving in san francisco a day late, plans naturally fell into perfect position. seeing an old friend in the airport with just as much excitement for the unknown future to come only solidified my assurance of where I needed to be in life. 


 i was swooped up from SFO by an amazing old friend and we grabbed a croissant and coffee while we caught up and waited for the day to catch up. it was 6 am.. once the caffeine kicked in we made a quick loop of the city sights and hit the road up to Point Reyes just north to meet up with some good friends for a day filled with mead, wine,and oysters; sealing it all with a sunset fire on the beach.


as the sun and fire commenced their final decent, we said our goodbyes and jetted back to the city for a concert we ended up missing (and catching the following night).  we forged into the night which lead us into another Hawaii rendezvous that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. life’s a trip. 


the following day some of my best pals and fellow creatives from oahu arrived in SF and we spent the next week visiting museums, parks, beaches and as many good eateries and watering holes as our bodies could enjoy. 


the week quickly passed and once again we parted ways only reminding each other of future times together. as the last of my friends boarded their flights back to Hawaii, i was left to begin my journey further into the seemingly unknown future. this would eventually lead me to oregon in search of a vehicle. 


the week spent in SF with my close friends from oahu was an amazing welcoming and send off into this journey. with a creative and ambitious mindset reassured by my close peers’ presence and own individual pursuits,  i was able to focus on my mission ahead and go forth with confidence. life is a blessing.