Hank's 30th!


Hank Gaskell is one of the nicest, most peaceful guy’s you’ll every meet. being one of the most competitive people you’ll also probably ever meet, it was only right to usher in his thirtieth lap around the sun with some good hearted friendly competition.


friends and family across many generations dawned their best 70’s attire and made their way from all over to help celebrate with a healthy game of slosh ball, a big bonfire and a disco dance party late into the night. plenty of cold beer, yummy food and the cool kipahulu evening breeze kept the good vibes and the 70’s hippie love flowing strong until the wee hours of the morning.


as the sun set, everyone gathered round and watched as the bonfire was lit. The glow of the raging pile of flames lit the whole property where groups of friends, young and old wandered and mingled amongst each other, laughing and carrying on to the warmth. chuckles, shrieks and the occasional buzz of the passing one wheel filled the air. the dancing, laughing and a bit of oil wrestling kept everyone going into the early morning hours. as the fire died down and the morning light began to tease, people slowly made there where to there cars or tents to retire for the night. 


the morning light greeted everyone with healthy hangovers, coffee, more smiles and laughter, and a constant rotation of hearty joints. after everyone walked off their grogginess, what was left of the crowd headed down to waioka to soak up the beautiful hana sun and wash off what was left of the hangovers. as we all laid in the sun and rinsed off in the beautiful water, it was clear that none of us would be forgetting that memorable night anytime soon.