Maui for a Moment

after selling most of my belongings on oahu and saying farewell to all of my friends, i returned to my home town of kula, maui to regroup what belongings i had left, spend time with old friends, and slowly grind off that sharp edge oahu had placed on me. 

i spent my time here relaxing, reconnecting and clarifying what my personal goals for my future and for the trip were. maui is such a magical place; it allows you to escape and be free when need be. it offers open space and vast views to help clarify the mind. time is slowed. people are connected and genuine and life is simple. 

while home i was able to visit old bosses who had taught me much over the years, help friends celebrate birthdays and care for their farms, drink fresh margaritas, go on adventure and camp missions with my good bud, show friends around who were visiting from oahu and most of all clean yard and spend time with mom n pop. it was a great time. although much is changing and has changed since i moved away when i was 18, it was a perfect transition from the strict schedule and routine i had established on oahu. it helped me break my need for routine and reminded me how to properly relax.