Pop - Up SPACE236

last week a group of creatives and friends from the bay area came together for a collaborative endeavor of good products and great times. Here is a little recap of the pop up event hosted by barry li at his gallery in the heart of the Tenderloin, SPACE236. beautiful art by the Black Mail team adorned the walls while friends and honest goods graced the floors. 

thank you barry for hosting and providing such a beautiful and welcoming venue. and thank you to all the brands and friends who turned up in full force to enjoy a cold beer with us! - (Moon Collective, Handsome Oxford, Oakland Surf Club, Leisure Rules, Cool Try, SummerLand Ceramics, Majick Color, Good Mother, Scout Leather Co., Kens Goods)

please enjoy. 

4th of July in the #Childerness

i hadn't had anything planned for the 4th of july except to be on the east coast, but that wasn't the case. i was (and still am) in california and had no clue where or what festivities may arise. i called my buddy and fellow man of the road, kyle schwartz to see where he was and see if he wanted to meet up somewhere for a surf a couple days prior. he told me he was headed up to truckee to a buddy's place in the woods and encouraged me to head up for the 4th. 

kyle is one of the nicest and most humble people you could ever meet so i had no doubt that it would be an enjoyable time. we met up in truckee and got some supplies for the BBQ before heading out. i followed him up to his friends property in the woods and was immediately blown away by the mini skateboard and good-time wonderland that is the "childerness." it was a cornucopia of good vibes, good food and amazingly friendly people created by tim and hannah eddy.

this amazing couple were so welcoming and radical.  the two are currently biking their way across the US for their brain baby DoRadical. a mission to showcase individuals and organizations around the country doing rad stuff for the planet and/or those around them. definitely worth checking their project out. 

thank you to everyone there who was so welcoming, kyle for being the amazing human that you are and tim and hannah for being such kind and generous hosts and sharing with all of us! safe travels to all!




while in oregon i was able to make it up to the beautifully strange city of portland several times. It is not your typical city vibe, it's an oregon city... It is a juxtaposition of fancy and ferrel. beautiful lush trees and small parks intermingle with architecturally pleasing city blocks, nearly as contradictory as the overwhelming homeless and transient population intermingling with bougie business folk who all seem to happily co-inhabit this amazing city. 

i got to explore portland with an old friend who had never been. we rented bikes for a day and tried to take in as much of the city as it offered. portland is littered with craft breweries and great food spots both at street carts and restaurants. It is also home to a beautiful traditional japanese garden and rose garden which happened to be in bloom and smelled like heaven. 

portland was an amazing time. i'll be back for the beer and donuts. 

Oregon and The Santiam River

oregon is beautiful and vast. i traveled up in search of a vehicle and camper with little expectation and was immediately blown away by its rolling landscapes and forgotten towns. i spent about 3 weeks here and was blessed with beautiful weather nearly the entire time. 

i had the pleasure of staying with an old friend who had moved up from hawaii to help his grandparents at their homestead on the north santiam river about an hour outside eugene. It was truly a blessing staying with mike and his family; and seeing the house and covered miniature skatepark he had built himself. he's a great skater and decent fisherman. we spent our time building an old school Huck Finn raft with giant barrels and trees we cut down near by, fishing for trout (which we made a delicious meal out of) and skating his ramp. 

it was a beautiful and peaceful time in oregon. the vast pasture lands with abandoned old barns and rolling pine forests will be stuck in my mind until i return.



San Fransisco


after missing my original flight from Hawaii and arriving in san francisco a day late, plans naturally fell into perfect position. seeing an old friend in the airport with just as much excitement for the unknown future to come only solidified my assurance of where I needed to be in life. 


 i was swooped up from SFO by an amazing old friend and we grabbed a croissant and coffee while we caught up and waited for the day to catch up. it was 6 am.. once the caffeine kicked in we made a quick loop of the city sights and hit the road up to Point Reyes just north to meet up with some good friends for a day filled with mead, wine,and oysters; sealing it all with a sunset fire on the beach.


as the sun and fire commenced their final decent, we said our goodbyes and jetted back to the city for a concert we ended up missing (and catching the following night).  we forged into the night which lead us into another Hawaii rendezvous that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. life’s a trip. 


the following day some of my best pals and fellow creatives from oahu arrived in SF and we spent the next week visiting museums, parks, beaches and as many good eateries and watering holes as our bodies could enjoy. 


the week quickly passed and once again we parted ways only reminding each other of future times together. as the last of my friends boarded their flights back to Hawaii, i was left to begin my journey further into the seemingly unknown future. this would eventually lead me to oregon in search of a vehicle. 


the week spent in SF with my close friends from oahu was an amazing welcoming and send off into this journey. with a creative and ambitious mindset reassured by my close peers’ presence and own individual pursuits,  i was able to focus on my mission ahead and go forth with confidence. life is a blessing. 

Maui for a Moment

after selling most of my belongings on oahu and saying farewell to all of my friends, i returned to my home town of kula, maui to regroup what belongings i had left, spend time with old friends, and slowly grind off that sharp edge oahu had placed on me. 

i spent my time here relaxing, reconnecting and clarifying what my personal goals for my future and for the trip were. maui is such a magical place; it allows you to escape and be free when need be. it offers open space and vast views to help clarify the mind. time is slowed. people are connected and genuine and life is simple. 

while home i was able to visit old bosses who had taught me much over the years, help friends celebrate birthdays and care for their farms, drink fresh margaritas, go on adventure and camp missions with my good bud, show friends around who were visiting from oahu and most of all clean yard and spend time with mom n pop. it was a great time. although much is changing and has changed since i moved away when i was 18, it was a perfect transition from the strict schedule and routine i had established on oahu. it helped me break my need for routine and reminded me how to properly relax. 





Hank's 30th!


Hank Gaskell is one of the nicest, most peaceful guy’s you’ll every meet. being one of the most competitive people you’ll also probably ever meet, it was only right to usher in his thirtieth lap around the sun with some good hearted friendly competition.


friends and family across many generations dawned their best 70’s attire and made their way from all over to help celebrate with a healthy game of slosh ball, a big bonfire and a disco dance party late into the night. plenty of cold beer, yummy food and the cool kipahulu evening breeze kept the good vibes and the 70’s hippie love flowing strong until the wee hours of the morning.


as the sun set, everyone gathered round and watched as the bonfire was lit. The glow of the raging pile of flames lit the whole property where groups of friends, young and old wandered and mingled amongst each other, laughing and carrying on to the warmth. chuckles, shrieks and the occasional buzz of the passing one wheel filled the air. the dancing, laughing and a bit of oil wrestling kept everyone going into the early morning hours. as the fire died down and the morning light began to tease, people slowly made there where to there cars or tents to retire for the night. 


the morning light greeted everyone with healthy hangovers, coffee, more smiles and laughter, and a constant rotation of hearty joints. after everyone walked off their grogginess, what was left of the crowd headed down to waioka to soak up the beautiful hana sun and wash off what was left of the hangovers. as we all laid in the sun and rinsed off in the beautiful water, it was clear that none of us would be forgetting that memorable night anytime soon. 

Maui Adventures W/ Kegan


Kegan Conway has been one of my best buds since as far back as i can remember. it never takes us long to catch up and get off on a new adventure. as a commercial fisherman he's opening a mobile fresh fish market on maui which he was busy getting established.  North Shore Fish Co. will be a mobile market selling what he and his partner catch within a day or 2. although there was much work to be done, priorities still lie in surf safaris to the jungles of the east side and the barren cinder fields of kanaio. 

Oahu Finals

yard sales, birthdays, going away parties, lunches, steak dinners, late nights, early mornings, homelessness, sleeping on the floor, selling things, craigslist, beach days, sunset beers, spliffs, stevie nicks, dance parties, BBQ's, whiskey, and more late nights. 

my last few weeks on oahu were a complete blur of all things enjoyable. tacos, friends, copious amounts of cold beers and countless beautiful sunsets, beach days, good friends and laughter. this helped to mask the complete chaos that was going on within me trying to move my entire world and embarking on the unknown. it was amazing to share my last few weeks with all the people who have made that part of my life so special. cheers to all of you!! 


these photos are from the last month or so I spent on Oahu. 

The Journey

the journey begins.. 


after growing up on the island of maui, I have spent the past 8 years living and working on the Island of oahu. this life has offered much for me in the ways of, amazing friends,  unexpected daily adventures and soul shaking supernatural experiences. 

 i am embarking on what I hope to be a life changing journey. leaving behind my job, belongings, friends and own sweet dog in search of stimulation, interesting acquaintances, new experiences and great photos.  i don't know what I will find, where i'll find myself or who i will meet; but with open eyes and an open mind i know that an entire world of possibilities is waiting for me around each bend. 

i intend on traveling north america and beyond by truck, visiting national parks, unmarked beauty pockets, large music festivals, small dive bars, art shows and flea markets, fashion shows, street fairs and everything in between. capturing the nation through the eyes of a youthful modern land pirate.

along the way i will be collaborating with friends, acquaintances and colleagues in the pursuit of creative and artistic progression within myself and those around me. hoping to create a personalized artistic interpretation of the world's beauty and destruction through my perspective. 

follow to see where the road leads.